Already at the beginning of the century, Meccanotecnica's Quality System was awarded the ISO 9001 certificate, covering all stages of design, production, sale, installation and customer service. Few years later, we were awarded the Environmental certification ISO 14001. This is one more proof of the competent and professional service that Meccanotecnica has always offered to its customers.


Meccanotecnica's mission is to develop and deliver bookbinding solutions that encapsulate the very latest innovations in this sector, by means of technological developments and on-going dialogue with its customers.
The company has set itself the goal of maintaining its position as a market leader in the manufacture of bookbinding machines used to produce top quality books. It does this by embracing changes made possible by technological innovation to extend the number of solutions on offer to cover the entire post-printing book production process.

The Management ensures that all employees abide by the same shared principles:

  • THE CUSTOMER. To pursue total customer satisfaction with regard to both product quality and the excellence of service provided.
  • HUMAN RESOURCES. To work with respect for others and be loyal unto each other. To strive for and encourage communication and collaboration. To pursue continuous personal and professional growth.
  • THE PRODUCT. To improve product quality and innovation to meet the needs of customers and the market, as well as pertinent legal requirements.
  • THE SUPPLIERS. To establish and maintain good relations with suppliers based on trust and co-operation, and to ensure that all processes, products and services meet company specifications.

Download Quality Policy [English.pdf] [Italiano.pdf]



MECCANOTECNICA's mission is to develop and provide its clients with book-binding solutions. In order to guarantee optimal, on-going management of all environmental issues arising from the company's activities in its production sites in Torre de' Roveri and Pedrengo (BG, Italy), the Management has implemented a certified UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System.
In view of the context in which the company operates, Management is committed to:

  • Determining the internal and external factors that may influence the company's ability to achieve the expected results of its Environmental Management System;
  • Identifying stakeholders and their needs and expectations;
  • Applying its Environmental Management System to all company processes;
  • Meeting its compliance obligations arising from statutory requirements and any other obligations to which the company subscribes;
  • Acting in such a way as to prevent pollution and minimise the environmental impact of its processes and, if within its control, of all stages in the life-cycle of its products;
  • Setting specific targets for improvement in line with this Environmental Policy;
  • Guaranteeing the availability of all the resources needed to implement this Environmental Policy and to meet the set goals and targets.

Download the Environment Policy [English.pdf] [Italiano.pdf]