In order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction throughout the lifetime of the machine, Meccanotecnica has created a strong after-sales team which is composed of its best and most experienced engineers and technicians. There are more than 20 service specialists able to provide technical on-site, on-line and phone support to users and local agents.
The after-sales team is also responsible for installation and start-up of  automatic lines, performing of test runs and training of customers’ personnel.
Training on machines takes place either at distributor/customer facilities or in our training rooms.
With their first-hand experience, the after-sales specialists also provide invaluable feedback to designers as to how the machines should be held to the highest standards.
All our subsidiaries and distributors have technicians able to perform the needed service; they can take care of the machine installation and start up.

The  main contact in our headquarter for immediate phone assistance during office hours is:
PH. +39-035-585222



We give extreme importance to making customer operation as fast and as easy as possible. In addition to the paper copy of the user guide and maintenance book that we provide with our machines, the same documentation is available on-screen through the display of the machine.
All the daily operations are detailed in the machines’ touch screen display.
We emphasize the possibility to perform on-line troubleshooting and remote diagnostic by using the machine's computer and its Ethernet adapter. Simply call the after sale service and connect through the machine computer so that our technicians are granted the necessary access.

Upon request, we can establish personalized maintenance agreements with our customers in order to perform preventive maintenance and minimize downtime during peak production periods.



A quick spare part management and supply are the optimum approach to get maximum  customer satisfaction.
Meccanotecnica’ s large, computerized spare parts warehouse enables timely delivery of parts anywhere in the world, even for models that are no longer produced.

All our machines have a spare parts catalogue for their easy identification; parts available are shipped within 24hfrom request thanks to their full availability in our inventory or at the local subsidiary or distributor sites.
In the few cases where we do not have local distributors, machines are shipped with a recommended spare parts kit.

The main contact in our headquarter for spare part supply is:
PH. +39-035-585222