Dscoop America 2017

PHOENIX, AZ, USA - 2017-03-01
From March 1st to 4th in Phoenix, AZ

Dscoop America 2017

Lay flat books...that last for generations

Book Automation (Meccanotecnica's Branch Company in the USA and Canada) will attend Dscoop America, the twelfth annual conference for HP Graphic Art Users.

The Conference will be held from March 1st to 4th in Phoenix, AZ.

DSCOOP Phoenix, Imagine, will not be a typical conference. It will be experiential and fast-paced — delivered by marketers sharing their biggest breakthroughs and most successful campaigns. On top of that, this year, the JETCOMM North America Conference will be integrated in the event, allowing a combined experience that promises to be really interesting.

VISIT booth #642 and DISCOVER how to produce with our solutions HIGH QUALITY and LAY FLAT BOOKS that LAST for generations.

Meccanotecnica's technology for the Digital Printing Market comprises:

Thanks to our technology digital printers have the ability to use thread sewing as a binding technique.

Its inherent properties give users consistent competitive edge:

  • the lay-flat feature is a natural attribute and not a matter of machine settings, operator skill or ability;
  • superior resistance and longevity make books last for generations;
  • super fast delivery. This significant feature for print-on-demand (POD) consist on the fact that the quality of a sewn book can be validated and checked as soon as it comes out of the production line. Other binding methods require books to be left hours before finishing, ultimately increasing the lead time. 

Come and visit us at the solution showcase, CLICK HERE for the Dscoop Website.