Hunkeler InnovationDays 2013

The brand new UNIVERSE SEWING at the Hunkeler Innovation Days 2013.

Hunkeler InnovationDays 2013

The brand new UNIVERSE SEWING through a workflow of a paperback production at Hunkeler Innovation Days 2013: watch the video report at !

Meccanotecnica is very proud to have taken part to the last Innovationdays 2013 and wish to thank Hunkeler for its organization.

It was interesting to observe how many applications digital print can now offer on the market with high performance and quality, through high speed digital press. 

And UNIVERSE SEWING could highlight its potential binding beyond the limits by finishing a book of Sociology that was printed on HP Web Press on Ziegler paper, sheeted on a Hunkeler POPP6 cut-stack system and bound on an Horizon BQ-470.

And watch the final video report of the event by Hunkeler at: