drupa 2016: a great success! Thank you for visiting us

The 2016 edition has been a great success either in term of interest drawn and in the quality of our visitors.

drupa 2016: a great success! Thank you for visiting us

drupa, the world’s leading trade fair for print and cross-media solutions, has just come to an end. The 2016 edition has been a great success either in term of interest drawn and in the quality of our visitors.

Meccanotecnica Group illustrated the “Book…your Future” communication campaign during the eleven-day show in Düsseldorf. It embodied the commitment of Meccanotecnica towards innovation and has now become the motto and banner of the Group across the world.

In hall 16/B46, experts, customers, decision makers and prospects were able to take a close look at the Book Finishing Solutions exhibited at the show.

Among these, Uniplex with asterTOP, the quickest and most compact gathering and sewing line on the market, has drawn a lot of interest with live demos and book production at the unmatched record speed of 18.000 cycles/hour. This solution provides an efficient way of producing sewn books, minimizing production costs by eliminating non-productive steps such as storage and transport of gathered signature.

The core feature showcased was the “double hopper feeding”, a special and useful system of gathering the same signature on the two adjacent gathering stations, therefore pallets can be efficiently arranged along the gathering line increasing efficiency and productivity.

Under the spotlight were also:

  • the newest entry in Meccanotecnica’s portfolio of solutions: Universe Sewing web-fed, the automatic book folding and sewing line for continuous feeding. The innovative Roll-to-Book solution was presented while producing “live” thousand of books printed by two major digital presses vendors, drawing great interest and very positive feedback from many prospects.
  • the new generation of the Universe Sewing sheet-fed, the automatic book folding and sewing unit, the ideal solution for digital book production when quality and flexibility are a must. The showcased model produced hundreds of books with the hybrid feeding system combining digitally printed sheets and offset signatures.
  • the new generation of the Inline, book finishing line. This solution completed the production of sewn books either with the application of soft covers or with end-sheets and lining.

Having concluded drupa, the next big event will be the Hunkeler innovationdays in Lucerne, Switzerland from February 20th to 23rd, 2017.

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