Hunkeler innovationdays 2017

High quality and lay flat digital book production…on the fly!

Hunkeler innovationdays 2017

The Hunkeler innovationdays are now approaching and it is time to register if you do not want to miss the most important event of the year for the digital printing market

Meccanotecnica will showcase a completely automated line, from the ROLL to the BOOK, consisting of: Universe Sewing Web-fed (automatic book folding and sewing line) and Inline (multifunctional Book finishing line). 


Universe Sewing Web-fed: automatic book folding and sewing line

Universe Sewing Web-Fed

Meccanotecnica will display its new solution to meet the demand of web digital printers. The new line allows the sewing of books directly from the pre-printed roll.

In the digital environment, Universe Sewing Web-fed represents a breakthrough, helping users to efficiently manage short- to medium-run lengths and streamlining production processes.

The solution gives printers the ability to effectively manage the cost of medium runs and it is also ideal for offset printers who want to invest in digital printing and top quality finishing systems – allowing users to avoid certain steps, like creating printing plates, folding, gathering and palletizing signatures.

The Universe Sewing Web-fed can be operated by just one person, providing the benefit of cost-effective production and low operating costs. Additionally, this technology gives digital printers the ability to use thread sewing as a binding technique. Its inherent properties give this solution yet another advantage for the user:

  • the lay-flat feature is a natural attribute and not a matter of machine settings, operator skill or ability;
  • superior resistance and longevity make books last for generations;
  • super fast delivery: this significant feature for print-on-demand consists on the fact that the quality of a sewn book can be validated and checked as soon as it comes out of the production line. Other binding methods require books to be left hours before finishing, ultimately increasing the lead time. 


Inline (the new generation) 


The new Inline, the 3rd generation of Meccanotecnica's modular and multifunctional book finishing line, will be showcased directly connected to the Universe Sewing Web-fed.

With a speed up to 1.200 books per hour, the line enables multiple forms of finishing: hard cover preparation, paperback production and Otabind method either from sewn book blocks or loose sheets or signatures.

Inline – Book finishing line. The Solution for book production when multifunctionality is a must. 


We look forward to seeing you in Lucerne (Switzerland), visit us at the Hunkeler innovationdays 2017. 



Click HERE for the online registration.

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