A major success for the Meccanotecnica Group at China Print

The 9th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition was held from May 9th to 13th, 2017

A major success for the Meccanotecnica Group at China Print

China Print, the leading trade fair in Asia for the Graphic Art Industry has just come to an end. The 2017 edition has drawn big interest for Meccanotecnica’s Solutions.

In Hall W1-016, experts, customers, decision makers and prospects were able to see “Live production” of high quality lay-flat sewn books from digital printing and offset printing.

The Meccanotecnica Group showcased its solutions under the motto “ASTER, the only and original”, that embodied the commitment of Meccanotecnica towards continuous innovation.

Among the solutions showcased, Uniplex with asterTOP, the quickest and most compact gathering and sewing line on the market, has drawn a lot of interest with live demos and book production at the unmatched record speed of 18.000 cycles/hour.

This solution provides an efficient way of producing sewn books, minimizing production costs by eliminating non-productive steps such as storage and transport of gathered signature.

We are pleased to announce that the solution on display was acquired by Beijing Shengtong Printing Co. Ltd.

China Print 2017 - Meccanotecnica, Beijing Shengtong Printing Co. Ltd.From the left: Mr. Li Long (General Manager, Aster Shenzhen), Mr. Ghilardi (Sales and Marketing Director, Meccanotecnica), Mrs. Yanqiu (President, Beijing Shengtong Printing Co. Ltd.) and Mr. Lee (Sales Director, Aster Shenzhen).


Under the spotlight was also Universe Sewing sheet-fed, automatic book folding and sewing unit, a solution that allows cost-effective binding of digital short runs and guarantees the production of high quality books.

Two Universe Sewing units were acquired respectively by Beijing Tuwen Tiandi Printing and Artron Art Group.

China Print 2017 - Meccanotecnica, Beijing Tuwen Tiandi Printing From the left: Mr. Xie Yubo (Chairman of the Board, Beijing Tuwen Tiandi Printing) and Mr. Ghilardi (Sales and Marketing Director, Meccanotecnica).

Artron Art Group At the centre of the picture: Mr. Wan Jie (Chairman of the Board, Artron Art Group).

We thank all our visitors and we invite you to watch a short video of the highlights of the event.

China Print 2017, Highlights of the event

BOOK…your FUTURE with Meccanotecnica.

2017 - Meccanotecnica - Book Finishing Solutions

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