Conzella Verlagsbuchbinderei invests in a new Multiplex SA

The solution for book production when output and efficiency are the must

Conzella Verlagsbuchbinderei invests in a new Multiplex SA
From the left: Mr. Markus Estermann (Production Manager of Conzella Verlagsbuchbinderei), Mr. Erich Koschek (Sales Manager of Aster Europe), Mr. Christian Meister (CEO of Conzella Verlagsbuchbinderei) and Mr. Gianfranco Corno (Senior Sales Manager of Meccanotecnica)

Conzella Verlagsbuchbinderei, located in the district of Pfarrkirchen in Niederbayern (Germany), is a family-owned company that employes more than 180 people.

The company has more than 50 years of experience in book binding, being specialized in the production of high quality soft cover and hard cover books, covering many categories and genre from simple children texts to sophisticated luxury volumes, catalogues and brochures.

Conzella has recently invested in a brand new Multiplex SA, gathering and sewing line, equipped with two asterPRO, automatic book sewing machines in order to replace an existing line.

Multiplex SA is the ideal solution for minimizing costs, guaranteeing efficiency, continuity and high production rates.

To find out more about Multiplex SA: watch the video or download the catalogue 

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