MTC News - 01/12 - asterEVO

Based on Aster best seller models, this new EVOLUTION sewing machine will allow entry level customers to make one step forward to top technology.

MTC News - 01/12 - asterEVO

In continous development since it was founded, Meccanotecnica is proud to announce the introduction of its new model asterEVO

sed on Aster best seller models, this new EVOLUTION sewing machine will allow entry level customers to make one step forward to top technology. Its design incorporates the latest technical solutions able to fulfil demanding customer requirements.

he asterEVO features a modern rounded-off design both from the front and the rear side, additionally a compact electrical cabinet fits nicely on the machine frame. The front guard automatically slides open making easy to overview operations.

The heart of the machine is still the sewing saddle that is 100% controlled by a camshaft running in sealed oil-filled compartment (cam box). This exclusive system developed by Meccanotecnica in the early 90s guarantees exceptionally long cam life time and no need for maintenance.

The use of last generation of light and resistant  materials in the double belt registering device on the sewing saddle guarantees perfect registering of all types of signatures. Its position on the saddle can be easily adjusted according to the signature length.

All functions of the machine are controlled by a powerful  fan-less Siemens PC (Microbox). A 15” colour touch screen monitor allows quick and easy programming without having to stop the machine, storing of different sewing programs that can be recall during production, display of production data, machine speed and alarm messages.

The user interface is fully graphic.

New design 2+2 opening head incorporates the lap opener, a programmable device for mechanical opening of signatures with high and low folio lap anywhere in the book.

Already appreciated  in the top of aster range machines, asterEVO features the possibility to program the height of the accelerator wheel to suit the thickness of each signature individually. The wheel speed automatically adjust to the running speed of the machine.

Upon request asterEVO can be equipped with GigaLynx camera system, the latest development of quality control. The system ensures the correct gathering sequence of the book. Just one is sufficient for the automatic self learning  stage.

Also available as an option is the continuous staggered stitch. The staggered stitch reduces the thread built up along the book spine by alternating the thread position. This device is especially useful when sewing thick books printed on thin paper.

With a top speed of 180 cycles/min, the possible to handle signatures with sizes that varies from 120x75mm (minimum) and 420x320mm (Maximum), the asterEVO is the perfect product to guarantee excellent value for money.

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