MTC News - 05/12 - Sewing with Impostrip

Automating on-demand and short run books is key to productivity.

MTC News - 05/12 - Sewing with Impostrip

Ultimate Technographics Inc. helps increasing productivity on the new digital finishing solutions from Meccanotecnica thanks to its dynamic barcode module included with Impostrip OnDemand Automation.

Meccanotecnica UNIVERSE SEWING, capable of handling both offset and digital sections within the same book, can be further automated by using Impostrip barcode module.

This solution insures the integrity of each book.

Ultimate barcode can be placed on the sheet and is then scanned by GigaLynx™ camera installed on the finishing device

to automate the machine make-ready.

At Innovationdays (February 11th/15th, Lucerne, Switzerland) Meccanotecnica will show the potentiality of this solution.

Soft cover books, printed by HP and prepared by Hunkeler, will be finished by UNIVERSE SEWING whose process and set-up is automated by reading the Ultimate barcode imposition.

In this way different books are automatically managed, making the Book-on-Demand of short run a cost effective reality.

This solution is completely automated, eliminates make ready time, insures quality, integrity and later in the process helps tracking jobs in shipping.

Perfect for books and brochures or any other projects.

Courtesy of: Ultimate Technographics Inc

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