MTC News - 02/13 - Tradition and DIGITALINE

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MTC News - 02/13 - Tradition and DIGITALINE

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Founded in 1964, for the last few decades Meccanotecnica has been the world’s largest manufacturer of automatic book sewing systems and today is still the benchmark for all bookbinders.
Openly facing the new challenges imposed by the present market, Meccanotecnica has developed a wide range of products. A new line for the offset and an innovative line for the digital print finishing.

Digital printing is now at the centre of everyone’s attention due to its fast evolution. 

This has led Meccanotecnica to launch a new line: UNIVERSE DIGITALINE, a fully automatic finishing equipment able to turn sheets into finished books.
The new DIGITALINE is composed of 4 units:
UNIVERSE SEWING a brand new sewing unit
UNIVERSE INLINE a  modular book finishing line
UNIVERSE BINDING a high quality perfect binder
UNIVERSE TRIMMING a three-knife trimm

The core of DIGITALINE is UNIVERSE SEWING. It allows cost effective binding of short runs and delivers the same top quality as traditional methods.

At Hunkeler InnovationDays 2013, UNIVERSE SEWING attracted lots of attentions thanks to its performances while producing a real book printed on site by HP and prepared by Hunkeler.     

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