MTC News - 03/13 - Universe Inline

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MTC News - 03/13 - Universe Inline

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with this month newsletter Meccanotecnica Group is proud to present you UNIVERSE INLINE, a book block finishing line placed immediately downstream from UNIVERSE SEWING book sewer.
This unit represent an original solution that starting from a pile of sheets delivers sewn book blocks ready for trimming or casing in. Furthermore, an unparalleled feature: the Universe soft-cover feeder.





UNIVERSE INLINE can also be completed with optional modules:

It is a press for book block that uses a system covered by an international Meccanotecnica patent. The high pressure delivers a tighter book block that is easier to process through following sections and results in a higher quality product.If the job specifications do not require pressing, the station can work as a bypass.
The station glues an end-sheet or tips-on to the front and back of the book block. It includes two end-sheet feeders, a gluing system (with two glue guns) and two pressure wheels to join the parts together. The glue gun can apply EVA hot melt or PUR.

This module apllies gauze/reinforcing paper to a sewn book block. The gluing is achieved via three coating guns, one for the spine of the block and two for the sides. A single pre-melter is provided. It has two separate tanks, one for the nozzle and one for the side. It can be re-filled while the machine is in operation. The glue can be EVA hot melt or PUR.
This device applies a soft cover to a sewn book block. The gluing system is the same provided for the UNIVERSE LINING. Each station can be present individually or in any combination allowing for maximum flexibility.

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Meccanotecnica is going to attend the following events:

CHINA PRINT is the oldest and the largest printing trade fair in China. In almost 30 years the exhibition has become one of the leading trade fairs for the whole printing industry.

We invite you to participate in the next graphic arts industry meeting, which will take place during 21-24 May 2013. The highly reputable POLIGRAFIA is a suitable place for image building and strengthening your brands.

Meccanotecnica Group will also attend the 2013 Annual BIA Conference scheduled on 8-10 of April, Indianapolis, USA.

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