MTC News - 05/13 - Green Soul

Meccanotecnica Green Soul

MTC News - 05/13 - Green Soul

Dear Subscribers,

With this issue we want to express the dedication to the enviromental policies in the development, manufacturing and servicing of all our products. As a Company deeply rooted to its country of origin, the goal is to operate in a rightful way to preserve its natural resources.

The Company Enviromental Vision

Placed in the beautiful landscape of the Alps, Meccanotecnica is surrounded by hills and vineyards. Its innate environmental-friendly soul has driven the company to earn the Environmental System Certification ISO 14001 and the Quality System Certification ISO 9001. Furthermore the entire range of electronic products is manufactured by mean of safe and recyclable materials following the strict European RoHs norms. All units are PC controlled allowing stand-by functions which, after a time of inactivity, reduce air and power consumption. This is only one of the energy-saving solutions adopted by Meccanotecnica. Both brands ASTER and UNIVERSE DIGITALINE make use of low power motorizations IE2 class energy efficient following European norms. Additionally, the Inverter Technology controls the right amount of energy required for each task. The entire book finishing process is monitored in order to reduce waste material to a minimum.


The Green Soul of Sewing

When it comes to sewing, Meccanotecnica core business, the entire process is GREEN in its very true sense; simply thread and paper is required. Our units handle just about every kind of thread, including ones entirely made by natural cotton; this one is a feature proudly mastered by ASTER only. With its new UNIVERSE DIGITALINE, Meccanotecnica provides a full range of machines that allow cost-effective finishing of digital printed sheets. UNIVERSE SEWING is the GREEN core of DIGITALINE, it performs three operations in a single pass: folding, collating and sewing therefore improving the eco-sustainability of the entire process and effectively reducing the waste of paper.

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