MTC News - 11/13 - Poligrafia 2013 report

Meccanotecnica attended Poligrafia 2013 trade show

MTC News - 11/13 - Poligrafia 2013 report

Meccanotecnica along with its branch offices Aster Polska and Buch Automation attended the 2013 most important trade show in East Europe.




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Meccanotecnica successfully exhibited at Poligrafia 2013 trade show on May 21-24, Poznan. 

Thanks to the positive trend of the Polish printing market, the show attracted visitors from entire Europe, giving Poligrafia an unexpected international flavor. Customers from Germany, Sweden, Lithuania and Poland visited our stand and showed great interest in both our book sewing machines: AsterEVO and Universe Sewing were the main characters for the bookbinding world.

AsterEVO Youtube video

Universe Sewing Youtube video 

Poligrafia 2013 also represented a great opportunity to get feedback from our long-standing Polish customers, which passed by to congratulate Meccanotecnica for the incredible reliability and productivity of our newest gathering and sewing line, the Uniplex combined with AsterTOP, and the efficient after-sales service provided by our branch offices Aster Polska and Buch Automation.

Uniplex + AsterTOP youtube video

In the end was a real pleasure to attend Poligrafia 2013, a show that confirmed the growing potential of East European markets for the printing industry.

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