MTC News - 09/14 - Open House

From September the 8th to the 26th, Meccanotecnica hosted the company Open House

MTC News - 09/14 - Open House

Meccanotecnica has just hosted a company Open House; many selected customers and prospective clients from all over the world visited our headquarters. They had the chance to see the most recent innovations and solutions aimed to meet the changing needs of the book binding industry.

The “on-invitation” event has granted the highest degree of care and attention to each single visitor, reciprocated by great interest not only towards the equipment but also to the human capital and the knowhow that embody every Meccanotecnica project.

The success was so extensive that the previously planned two weeks have been extended to three.

Particular attention was given to the new "all-in-one" Universe Sewing (for digital & offset print finishing) and the new INLINE (multifunctional and modular book finishing line).

During the event was showcased the full range of renowned automatic book sewing machines such as Aster EL (entry level unit), Aster TOP (record breaking machine with its 300 cycles/min), Aster PRO (the flagship unit) and Aster EVO (a best seller in several markets).

The showroom also comprised Uniplex (the most compact high performance gathering & sewing system).

Watch the video "One day at the Open House" HERE.

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