High Quality Book Automation Starts with Imposition Setup

Montreal, 27/05/2016, Ultimate TechnoGraphics Inc. and Meccanotecnica (Bergamo, Italy) are joining efforts in providing an easy and flexible way to automate the file preparation for the Universe Sewing.

High Quality Book Automation Starts with Imposition Setup

Montreal, 27/05/2016, Ultimate TechnoGraphics Inc., leader in imposition and finishing automation software, and Meccanotecnica (Bergamo, Italy), a world leader in book finishing solutions, are joining efforts in providing an easy and flexible way to automate the file preparation for the Universe Sewing, automatic book folding and sewing unit, for digital print finishing.

The timeless nature of a finished book sewn using Meccanotecnica’s Universe Sewing tells a tale about the history of book making for this company. By looking at the production chain of creating such a product, the true art of book making starts with well-prepared and precise imposed files in order to deliver specific layout for printing and finishing.

In today’s market place, automation is key, yet print service providers using the Universe Sewing solution will not compromise on quality, and they do not need to. Ultimate TechnoGraphics’ Impostrip® provides the required file preparation containing specific barcodes and marks to automate with precision.

“We believe that automation is the answer to the complex reality that printers and binders have to daily face to meet today’s market requirements, says Stefano Formentini, Marketing Manager at Meccanotecnica. The partnership with Ultimate TechnoGraphics not only will help users to save time but also to effectively reduce paper waste, due to validated, error-proof and automated imposition processes.”

“We are glad to partner with Meccanotecnica since books are an application which plays a central part of our organization, says Julie Watson, Executive Vice-President at Ultimate TechnoGraphics. Books not only tell a story, but they tell our story. In 1989, when we launched the first imposition software, we were bringing book imposition from manual stripping to a computer driven task. The production chain has now changed, and automating manual make ready is key, yet quality books are being made in a new way to keep telling stories for a long time to come.”

Meccanotecnica and Ultimate help printers and binders to produce millions of books everyday worldwide, and this partnership brings forward easy to use preconfigured automated imposition workflow for the Universe Sewing SHEET-FED and the Universe Sewing WEB-FED.

These solutions can be seen at drupa, at Ultimate’s stand D06/ Hall 8b and at Meccanotecnica’s stand B46 / Hall 16.

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