Solutions for Book Finishing > Three-knife trimmer

TRIMMING ends the book finishing line of UNIVERSE DIGITALINE through the standard three- knife trimming technology in a single pass. The machine is straight fed and features a high range of cutting tables, with only two minutes makeready time.


The machine features an automatic alignment device in the cutting station; standard supply does include a set of 15 cutting tables and correspondent pressing plates with the most common formats; on demand additional 12 sets can be supplied; cutting blades/knives can be standard or fine-grained hard metal as well.

The changeover is automatic and toolless (besides pressing plates, which take less than 2 minutes to be changed); in order to trim books with similar thicknesses, adjustments during running production are allowed without changeover.

As for trim waste extraction and collection, the machines can be connected to a centralized system through a flexible pipe.


To download the catalogue we ask that you provide us in return with some information about you. The data collected will be kept as a reference tool or general source