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GigaLynx Dual Control

Signature vision system

The newly exclusive GigaLynx signature sequence checking system is located just after the hopper in order to immediately identify errors therefore allowing its correction. In addition the device shifts easily; this feature is very useful when in need to check signatures that differ only in restricted area, like agendas.

GigaLynx consists of a fast VGA SONY CCD camera equipped with an integrated and ultra bright white LED flash. During extraction from the hopper, this device exploits the new “artificial vision” technology capable of high-resolution image scanning, even in the case of text-only signatures. Just one book is needed for the automatic self-learning stage.

The machine stops if the reading differs from the memorised reference value.


To download the catalogue we ask that you provide us in return with some information about you. The data collected will be kept as a reference tool or general source